Covid-19 Precautions

Covid 19 Health and Safety Plan
Arbor Learning Academy
Updated March 1, 2021
  • How do you plan to bring children and staff back to facilities, particularly if you still need social distancing in place?

    • Our enrollment is currently at 50% and increasing weekly.


  • How will you develop and communicate drop-off/arrival procedures? 

    • Drop off and pick up is back to pre-covid procedure!

  • How will you implement screening procedures? 

    • We have informed parents how we will do the screening process using non-touch thermometers, doing wellness checks and asking parents if they have been medicated in the past 12 hours upon arrival.


  • How will you implement routine disinfecting/sanitization procedures? 

    • We have changed our hours of operation to 7am-5:30pm to allow for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection between 6:30-7am and 5:30-6pm.  All teachers have been trained in how to maintain the cleanliness of their classrooms and the bathrooms.  The assistant director and director are responsible for the common areas and all things touched by staff and children in the common areas.


  • How will you communicate your plan to your staff and families? 

    • A safety plan/letter has gone out to the parents prior to our opening date of July 13th, 2020 and upon request to new families.  


  • How will you ensure staff have accessibility to cloth/disposable face masks? 

    • Staff have access to disposable face masks at the facility.

    • All staff must remain masked up in the common areas of the school and classrooms with children 2+.

    • Staff with children infants-age two will be permitted to remove their masks with parents permission as facial recognition is so very important at this age.


  • In circumstance where children have been identified to wear face masks, how will you implement? 

    • All children above the age of two years old will have to wear face masks during drop off/pick up, walking through common areas, and while in classrooms and unable to social distance.



  • How will child care spaces be organized to mitigate spread?

    • Currently we only have four classrooms open and will slowly open the remaining classrooms as our enrollment grows.  The classrooms currently open will have 12 or less children. 

  • How will you group children in care with staff to limit the number of individuals who come into contact with one another throughout the day? 

    • Children will be grouped by age- infants (6weeks-12 months), ones (12mo-24mo), twos (24mo-36mo), and 3+.

  • What policies and procedures will govern use of other communal spaces within the facility? 

    • We do allow most age groups to socialize with masks during drop off and pick ups

  • How will you utilize outdoor space to help meet social distancing needs? 

    • Two classes per playground are allowed

  • What hygiene routines will be implemented throughout the day? 

    • Hand washing procedures are posted in the classrooms.  Children and staff have certain times during the day and certain activities when they are required to wash their hands.  Children and staff wear masks in bathrooms.

  • How will you adjust transportation to meet social distancing requirements? 

    • We do not use transportation at ALA.

  • What visitor and volunteer policies will you implement to mitigate spread? 

    •  They will have to wear a mask and wash hands before entering building the building.

  • Will any of these social distancing and other safety protocols differ based on age? 

    • Ages 2+ wear masks

  • Which stakeholders will be trained on social distancing and other safety protocols? When and how will the training be provided? How will preparedness to implement as a result of the training be measured? 

    • All admin who are inside the building have been trained and have trained the staff.  All admin have been trained based on the CDC guidelines along with other measures we have put in place.

  • How will you screen children, staff and others who interact with each other to ensure they are healthy and not exhibiting signs of illness? 

    • Staff and children are screened throughout the day using the infrared thermometers and staff will do wellness checks based on child appearance.

  • • Where will the screening take place? 

    • Screenings will take place right inside the entrance of the school, along with the handwashing.  All staff will be screened before reentering after their break

  • When and how frequently will you monitor the health of children, staff and others who interact with each other throughout the day to ensure that they continue to be healthy and do not exhibit new signs of illness? 

    • We will monitor everyone daily, teachers will monitor children hourly.

  • What is the policy for quarantine or isolation if a staff and/or child becomes ill or has been exposed to an individual confirmed positive for COVID-19? 

    • We will follow the CDC/OCDEL guidelines for any illness.  A staff or child that is confirmed positive will have to isolate for 14+ days at home and the center will closed for 48 hours to clean and disinfect entire school.  We will deem it necessary whether or not an entire classroom will have to be tested or isolate/quarantine for 14 days.

  • What conditions will a staff or child confirmed to have COVID-19 need to meet to safely return to the facility? 

    • A staff or child need to be medicinally symptom free for 48 hours AFTER the 14 quarantine period.

  • Which staff will be responsible for making decisions regarding quarantine or isolation requirements of staff or children? 

    • Directors will be the ONLY individuals who deem it safe for a child or staff to return or when to close the facility.

  • When and how will families be notified of confirmed staff or child illness or exposure and resulting changes to the COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan? 

    • Parents will be emailed within a few hours of a confirmed illness and emailed procedures for the next 14+ days.

  • Which person will be responsible for reporting suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 to the Department of Health and Child Care Certification? 

    • Directors will be the only individuals who are to report confirmed cases.

  • Which persons will be trained on protocols for monitoring children and staff health? When and how will the training be provided? How will preparedness to implement as a result of the training be measured? 

    • ALL staff working in the building will be trained on the protocols.  All staff is trained prior to their return using the CDC guidelines.

  • How will you determine which staff are willing/able to return? How will you accommodate staff who are unable or uncomfortable to return? 

    • Directors will be responsible for choosing which staff are to return and when.  Those staff that are not comfortable returning will be allowed to stay on PUA until they are comfortable.

  • How will you determine which children are willing/able to return? How will you accommodate children who are unable or uncomfortable to return? 

    • All children will be allowed to return between July 13th, 2020 and September 1st, 2020 whenever their parents deem it necessary or are comfortable.  Those families who are not comfortable will not be billed until their child returns but no later than September 1st, 2020.  Those families that are not comfortable at all have withdrawn their children.

  • What special protocols will you implement to protect children and staff at higher risk for severe illness? 

    • All staff and children regardless of high risk will be treated equally.  Parents of children who are at a much higher risk have chosen not to return.

  • How will you address staff who are ill, or who have family members who have become ill? 

    • Staff who are ill or have ill family members will be asked to stay home until they have been cleared by a doctor or test stating they are not positive for any communicable diseases.

  • How will you ensure enough substitute staff are prepared in the event of staff illness? Have you considered applying for a Provisional Hire Waiver? 

    • Both directors are able to work in classrooms when there are not enough staff or if staff become ill.  If we are not able to meet state ratios we will consider closing the school. We will not apply for Provisional Hire.

  • If and when there are trainings on Covid 19, ALL staff including directors will be required to take all available trainings along with their yearly trainings.  

To sum it all up- upon entry to the school all children will have their temps taken (any temp above 100.4 will be denied entry.  All students and parents will wash hands at the hand washing station at the entrance.  We do have hand sanitizer provided as well.  Teachers are there to help parents with children's belongings to prevent having parents going into classrooms.  Parents are asked to use hand sanitizer as they exit the building.  All children, parents and staff must wear masks all day if they are above the age of 2.  Children will not wear masks while eating or napping. 

All families, existing and new, can earn free vacation weeks by referring families in search of childcare!  If you refer a family and they are with us longer than three months you will receive 1 week of vacation (no pay), UP TO FOUR WEEKS

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