Drop off and Pick Ups


Great news!  We are now allowing parents to enter the school!  Miss Maggie and I have set up a handwashing station right at the front entrance.  

When dropping off we ask that you wash your hands and your child's hands. Please grab a disposable mask for yourself if you are not already wearing one. If you forgot your child's mask, it's okay!  Grab them one too (two years and older only).

We will be performing temperature checks for ANYONE who enters the building and will be keeping a log.  We will temp check mom or dad first and then child.   If either of your temps are higher than 100.4 we will have to ask you to leave.

Escort your child to their classroom, put their belongings in their cubbies, chat with the teachers if you would like or need and then head out.  

On your way out you may use the hand sanitizer provided at any classroom door or the sanitizer provided at the handwashing station, toss your mask and we will see you at pick up!  

At pick up it will be the same routine.  You will wash or sanitize your hands, put on a mask, pick your child up and on the way out we recommend washing or sanitizing again and throwing out the disposable masks.

Medication Policy


We understand that sometimes children just don't feel well and may be experiencing growing pains, teething, minor headaches, belly aches, etc.  However, we have implemented a new "NO MEDICATION POLICY".  What does this mean?   We cannot have any children in the building medicated (given Tylenol, Advil, ibuprophen, pepto, cough meds, etc... before arriving to school), UNLESS there is a doctors note for a prescription  even Tylenol.  We can administer the medications that have prescriptions but will not do so unless you have filled out a medication form to be kept on file.  

We ask that every parent take this seriously as it can mask symptoms of not only Covid or the Flu but many more highly contagious, dangerous viruses or bacteria.


Arbor's staff and administration will always be upfront and honest when it comes to any illness that may sneak into the building.  Once we have a diagnosis by a doctor a tadpoles note will go out letting all parents what the virus is, how it is spread, how we will prevent the spread and how we will clean the areas the child has been in after the diagnosis.  We will NOT tell you which child or which room the diagnosis came from unless it is life threatening or Covid, but will not release family information.  

Along with our communication we need the parents to be just as honest with us.  If there is a suspected case of Covid in your home, a friend or collogue that you have been around or you have been contacted by Covid tracers we need to know that information ASAP.  We will then put out a tadpoles informing everyone about a possible exposure, again keeping all personal information confidential.




We have always maintained a clean school, however you will notice some new practices that we will implement into every day cleaning.  Each room will have a laundry basket.  Once a toy has been played with it will be tossed into the laundry basket out of reach of the children.  At the end of the day those toys will then be sprayed down with disinfectant- usually the bleach and water combination or an alcohol sanitizer.  

All items in the infant room have been thrown away and have been replaced with all new, extremely safe materials/products/toys/gear.  Everything that was replaced can and will be washed on a daily basis in our washer and dryer.

Bathrooms will be cleaned after each classroom is finished in there and then again at the end of the day.

All surfaces that have been touched will be sprayed with an alcohol based sanitizer before closing the school in the evening.

Each classroom is getting a new coat of paint to freshen the whole place up!