First and foremost- if you decide to enroll or hop on our waitlist your very first step is to go to our enrollment tab, click registration.  You will register yourself and your child/ren on on our software system.  I will then be able to bill you for the $50-75 registration fee and the first week of tuition.  The registration fee is NON refundable.



In our effort to go green and save Earth's beautiful trees please access the Parent Handbook and other enrollment and registration forms below:

Forms with blue ARROWS are required on your child's first day back

Please make sure to fill out every form in its entirety.  All lines on Emergency Contact form have to be filled out or marked with N/A.  Please sign on Emergency Contact where it states "Transportation by Facility".  This means in the event we need to evacuate the premises or an ambulance needs to transport your child.  

Please be sure that your "people your child can be released to" matches on both the Financial Agreement and the Emergency Contact.  

Where it asks for address on Emergency Contact- please make sure this matches those peoples ID for emergency pick-ups.

If you need assistance filling out the forms I can send you made up examples that you can copy.  But please make sure everything is signed, dated, initialed etc! 

If you need the Tuition Express auto draft form please email for that!

All families, existing and new, can earn free vacation weeks by referring families in search of childcare!  If you refer a family and they are with us longer than three months you will receive 1 week of vacation (no pay), UP TO FOUR WEEKS

Arbor Learning Academy is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and care provider.

Address: 17 Ravine Rd, Malvern, PA 19355  Phone: (484) 329-7758

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