Health & Security

  • At ALA our number one concern is your children's health and safety.  To ensure they are receiving the best care in the area we have installed and implemented quite a few updated and state of the art security features that we know the parents and teachers will appreciate.  

  • Each classroom is equipped with surveillance cameras that are linked to a monitor in the directors office.  These cameras are password protected and can only be accessed by the administration.  

  • Hallways, common areas, the parking lot and playgrounds also have surveillance cameras installed.

  •  Entry to the school is only accessed by the front, main entrance after ringing the bell and receiving approval from administration.

  • All doors are equipped with locks and security alarms

  •  All Arbor employees complete rigorous background checks- Child Abuse Clearance, FBI Finger Prints and Pennsylvania State Criminal Background are a few of the checks we perform.

  •  Safety drills are practiced and updated on a monthly basis

  • Health and Safety Coordinator on site 

  •  All employees have fire safety, first aid and CPR training's