Meet The Team


Lauren Lilley


I am the owner/director and creator of this lovely Childcare Center! I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and have been working in this field for 20+ years now!  When you walk into Arbor you are walking into my dream come true!


Maggie Ramos


Miss Maggie has been such an incredible blessing to Arbor and to ME!  Miss Maggie has been promoted to Co-Director and has gone above and beyond with her director duties!  Miss Maggie is currently in an apprenticeship program to receive her degree in Early Childhood Education.  She has so many wonderful ideas for the school and playgrounds!!  


Chelsea Brown

Third Level Admin

Miss Chelsea has been with Arbor since we opened in 2017!

Miss Chelsea has three children of her own, one of which does attend out PreK class!  She has over 15 years of experience as a childcare teacher with all age groups and is working toward her degree in Early Childhood Education.  Miss Chelsea is CPR/Frist Aid certified amongst a plethora of other trainings! 

Arbor Learning Academy Team


Lauren Lilley- Director

My name is Lauren Lilley and I am the owner/director and creator of this lovely Childcare Center! 
I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and used to own a cleaning business for five years. Previous to the cleaning business I worked as a preschool director, a lead teacher, an assistant teacher and started as a preschool aid way back when I was only 16 years old. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two smart and funny children- Aislinn and Brennan.  They are in public school now, but you will see them at work helping out or now more than ever since they are exclusively participating in online schooling.

When I was in college I had an assignment that was to plan and build my own school.  It was my favorite project/research paper and class.  The professor of my class was my mentor and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her.  I received 100% on that project and when I was given the opportunity to build my own school in real life I used those exact plans.  When you walk into Arbor you are walking into my dream come true!

I cannot wait to meet all of you and get to know your children and families! 


Miss Maggie Ramos- Co-Director

I am honored and delighted to announce that Miss Maggie will be a co-director with me! She used to work with Miss Lauren at The YMCA.  She has years of experience in the childcare field along with her CDA!  You will see Miss Maggie in our Willows Room (infants) with Miss Morgan. When she is not teaching you can speak with her in the office if Miss Lauren is not there. Maggie has a lot of experience assisting directors at the YMCA so I know she will do an amazing job here at Arbor!  She is so exited to broaden her experience and to further her career in ECE! She is a fast learning and absolutely is loving her promotion!  Out staff and our collogues absolutely adore her!

Miss Maggie is enrolling in some Early Childhood Education courses within the next few months!  She is going to love taking classes! 


Miss Morgan Rose

Miss Morgan comes to us with an incredible amount of experience and is currently enrolled in her CDA program!  Miss Morgan's mother was heavily involved with Keystone Stars, Department of Human Services and even ran/owned quite a few centers.  Both she and Mom are invaluable when it comes to help with state regulations!

Miss Morgan is our co-lead teacher in our infant classroom.  She was previously a parent that brought her daughter on a daily basis and when asked if she wanted to work with us she never hesitated!  She jumped right into the infant room and started making it her own!  Don't forget to stop by in the tour to see the new colors! 


Kalina Brown

Miss Kalina is our two year old teacher!  You will see Miss Kalina working side by side in our Fraser's Room with Miss Lexxi. They have a ton of fun activities planned for the year along with POTTY TRAINING!  Miss Kalina comes from a local nonprofit childcare center where she worked with infants-toddlers.  She also has a lot of nieces and nephews that she cares for in the evening and on weekends! She love kids !


Lexxi Ahlers

It was almost as if Lexxi fell into our laps at the right place and the right time!  She is a bright, energetic, and an incredibly outgoing person.  She loves to update all of the parents in her class with their daily lessons every afternoon at pick up time.  Her lesson plans are magical, thoughtful and imaginary.  Whenever our parents who have younger children in the school walk past by her room they ALWAYS compliment how much they cannot wait to be in the Fraser's classroom with Miss Lexxi and Miss Kalina.  There is not a day that goes by that she does not have a smile on her face, or she's singing or dancing with the kids.  In this age group she and Miss Kalina take time to write and implement lesson plans.  They are probably one of the best teams I have had in the school in a long time!  


Chelsea Brown

Miss Chelsea is BACK!  Miss Chelsea will be replacing the one year old classroom until Miss Leah gets back.  We love her in that classroom so much that we may just keep them together.  Chelsea previously worked with us since we opened on day 1, took some break and is now back for good.  Her laugh is hysterically contagious and has special way with speaking to the parents.  Chelsea has two children of her own.  He daughter is enrolled in Miss Lynn's class and her son is in elementary school.  Chelsea loves to babysit when she as time! If you are looking for a sitter that you feel comfortable with- Chelsea is your go to girl! 


Lynn Schmidthuber

Before coming to Arbor, Miss Lynn was the lead Pre-K teacher at Vineyard School of Early Learning in Chester Springs. She is a graduate of Immaculata University. Originally from the mid-west, her family ultimately settled in the West Chester Area. Miss Lynn is a the Mom to a 18 yr old son, who happens to be a professional country music singer!! When she is not at work, you can usually find her at his shows! She has always enjoyed teaching the younger kids, especially prekindergarten.   Ms.  Lynn has her degree in Education.