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Lauren Lilley

My name is Lauren Lilley and I am the owner/director and creator of this exciting Childcare Center! 
I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and used to own a cleaning business for five years. Previous to the cleaning business I worked as a preschool director, a lead teacher, an assistant teacher and started as a preschool aid way back when I was only 16 years old. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two smart and funny children- Aislinn and Brennan.  They are in public school now, but you will see them at work helping out when they don't have school along with attending Camp Arbor each summer!

When I was in college I had an assignment that was to plan and build my own school.  It was my favorite project/research paper and class.  The professor of my class was my mentor and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her.  I received 100% on that project and when I was given the opportunity to build my own school in real life I used those exact plans.  When you walk into Arbor you are walking into my dream come true!

I cannot wait to meet all of you and get to know your children and families! 


Justina Gonzalez

This is our assistant director Miss Justina Gonzalez.  Miss Tina started working in childcare first with our Director, Miss Lauren, many years ago. Together they have had teacher/assistant teacher, director/teacher, parent/nanny and owner/employee relationships. Justina has been on board since day one and has helped Ms. Lauren with all of the design, building and educational decisions for Arbor.  You will see Miss Tina all around the school at all hours of the day! 


Tassja Mack

Miss Tassja (Miss Tata) is one of our amazing teachers in our Willows (infant) classroom. She originally helped us create the Crab Apples room but then wanted to be a teacher in the infant classroom as she was expecting her own!  Miss Tata gave birth to a perfect baby boy this winter and now he is enrolled in the infant classroom! 


LeAnna Cook

Miss LeAnna (Miss Lele as the kids and staff call her) has been with Arbor since we opened!  She is one of our amazing Infant room teachers and a mother of two handsome young boys!  Miss Lele has many years of experience in a childcare setting, especially with infants.  She came to us from a local childcare chain where she was an assistant in the infant classroom.  Not only does she have the most creative ideas for the infants but she and Miss Ange keep their classroom incredibly clean!  If you ever have questions or concerns about being a new parent, just ask Lele!  She will always be happy to help!  


Laura Mesher

Miss Laura comes from the same Goddard that Miss Lauren used to work for!  Not only that she was a lead teacher in the SAME classroom!!  We are so happy that Laura and her adorable son decided to also join our Arbor Family!  If you have a chance to stop by and check our our new Frasers (Older Twos) classroom please do so!  Her welcoming and natural decor is stunning!  She and Miss Ange are our co-leads in the Frasers!

Miss Laura has her degree in Early Childhood Education.


Linda Schiavo

Miss Linda comes to us from a corporate childcare center in our county.  She has years of experience with children of all ages!  Miss Linda is our floater and full time help in our toddler classrooms!  Miss Linda has her degree in Medical Assistance and wants to go back to school for education and Medical Coding! 


Maggie Ramos

We are excited to have Miss Maggie join Arbor!  Miss Maggie used to work with Miss Lauren and Miss Justina at The YMCA.  She has years of experience in the childcare field along with her CDA!  You will see Miss Maggie in our Aspen's classroom (PreK1).  She is so exited to broaden her age group from toddlers to pre kindergartners! Check out our blogs for some of her innovated lesson plans! 

Miss Maggie is enrolling in some Early Childhood Education courses within the next few months!  She is going to love taking classes! 


Sanya Chhan

Miss Sanya comes to us from a large childcare center in KoP with experience in all ages!  She will be our co-lead teacher with Miss Kalina in our Linden's Classroom (two-year-olds).  Miss Sanya loves to create new, fun ways for children to explore with food and different materials that you would not typically find in an everyday classroom!  We are so pleased she came to work with us! 


BJ McBride

Miss BJ is one of our preschool teachers in the new Birches room!  She has been with us since we were just a thought and was even part of our design process!  You will see Miss BJ helping everywhere in the school, even in the office!  Miss BJ came from another preschool in the area where she taught all ages, but once she started here in our infant room she knew she had to follow our "first generation" of students from the infant room, helped them transition in our Crab Apples class and will now be their preschool teacher!


Kalina Brown

Miss Kalina is our two year old teacher!  You will see Miss Kalina working side byside in our Linden's Room with Miss Sanya!  They have a ton of fun activities planned for the year along with POTTY TRAINING!  Miss Kalina comes fro m a local nonprofit childcare center where she worked with infants-toddlers.  


Lynn Schmidthuber

Before coming to Arbor, Miss Lynn was the lead Pre-K teacher at Vineyard School of Early Learning in Chester Springs. She is a graduate of Immaculata University. Originally from the mid-west, her family ultimately settled in the West Chester Area. Miss Lynn is a the Mom to a 16 yr old son, who happens to be a professional country music singer!! When she is not at work, you can usually find her at his shows! She has always enjoyed teaching the younger kids, especially prekindergarten.   Ms.  Lynn has her degree in Education.


Zania Lucas

Miss Zania, or Z for short, is our incredibly loving and nurturing transition teacher!  She comes to us with a lot of experience with this exact age (10-16 months).  Miss Z helps the infants transition from the infant classroom to our toddler room.  She helps them ease into one nap a day, sitting at the big table to eat, drink out of sippy cups, helping with with a bunch of large motor activities like crawling and walking and so much more!  Not only does she help them transition but she implements creative lesson plans like ABC's, colors, feelings and songs! 


Miss Nicole

My name is Nicole but everyone calls me Cole. I have been teaching and working with children for about 20 years. 

I have a very spirited 10 year old daughter. We enjoy being involved in the music scene and dancing when the mood strikes us. We are both passionate about roller derby and in our free time we can be found at the skating rink.


Miss Monique

My name is Monique, I'm 26 years old. I have been around children for 13 years and counting. My favorite thing to do with children is arts and crafts. I love finding new things for them to do and watching them have fun while doing the arts and crafts for the day. I enjoy traveling to diffrent places out side of Pennsylvania. I look forward to the great adventures that are ahead.--

Arbor Learning Academy is an equal opportunity employer.

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