We are coming along, and SNOW?!

What a whirlwind of a week! The classrooms have been chosen, new names have been given and the paint colors have been picked! The new flooring is being put down as I write this blog! We cannot believe how fast everything is coming together and how many well wishes and inquiries we have had about the expansion! We do estimate to open the wing in January 2019, however, state licensing can always take some time. We will let everyone know as soon as we know!

Our upstairs will consist of three new classrooms- One new preschool room and two Pre-K classrooms. The room that is currently being used as our Pre-K classroom in that wing will then be turned into a second two year old classroom. We will then have the following rooms:

Infants- Willows

Young Ones- CrabApples

Ones- Junipers

2a- Lindens

2b- Frasers

Preschool 1- Cherry Blossoms

Preschool 2- Birches

Pre-K 1- Sassafras

Pre-K 2- Aspens

So many trees! I can't wait! Wonder how many times I will get the names wrong?! Can anyone guess why we chose those names? Each room is named after a tree that has a special meaning behind it. They may not coordinate with their classroom colors, but they certainly coordinate with their classroom ages!

We also had snow?! In NOVEMBER?! What in the world?! It is not unheard of, but we certainly we not prepared for this! We did have an early dismissal and made sure that we got everyone home safe by noon on the dot! In the future if we expect to be in a similar situation, please know that we will always put the safety of the children, families and staff first and foremost. We hope everyone had a great 1/2 snow day! Let's hope that the majority of the snow happens on the weekends!

Next week is Thanksgiving! And then it is almost Christmas! Stay tuned for our Merry Thanksgiving Celebration!

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