New Staff/New Paint/New EVERYTHING!

We started this year off with a BANG!! We have hired three new incredible teachers- Miss Maggie, Miss Sanya and Miss Yong. Miss Maggie is our two year old teacher along with Miss Sanya and Miss Yong is being trained in our older one year old room with the intent of transitioning with those kids to our younger two's classroom!

Miss Maggie, Miss Justina and Miss BJ came in one weekend and repaired the walls in the two year old classroom and even painted it the most perfect calming blue color! I love that our teachers care so much about their rooms!!

Miss Yong is a bilingual teacher that will help some of our Chinese/Mandarin children adjust to their new environment along with implementing some Mandarin into her lesson plans both in the two year old room and also the Preschool and PreK rooms!!!

Pictures to come soon!

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