New to Childcare Emotions

Congratulations and welcome to childcare! A lot of times new parents have anxiety about leaving their child in a brand new environment when it is time to go back to work. No worries! Our teachers are experienced, degreed and most of them have children of their own.

The overwhelming feeling you get on that first day may have you shedding a few tears but fear not! Our Tadpoles App will keep you up to date with everything from feedings, nap times, diaper changes and many, many pictures and videos. You are also more than welcome to call or email Justina or me through out the day to speak with your child's teacher!

Those families with children who are a bit older and have already started the separation anxiety, their behavior will be completely normal. We suggest you come in one or two days before your scheduled start date to have everything set up and have your child meet their teachers.

A few tips for first day drop offs- ALWAYS let your child know that you will be coming back for them. Explain that Mommy or Daddy have to go to work but after a day of fun you will pick them up to go home and play and listen all about their day. You can give this little "speech" in the car on the way to the center. We suggest once inside the center get your child settled and do the "drop and run" method. Our teachers are so incredible that they will occupy your child during what may be a bit of a rough transition but they will also take many pictures once they have calmed down. In all of our years of experience those first day jitters last longer with mom and dad than they do with the kids. It takes about 5-10 minutes before your child becomes interested in what the other kids are playing with and will calm down, we promise!

If you have any questions regarding drop off procedures please feel free to ask any of the teachers. The great thing about dropping your child off in the Tree House in the morning is that you and your child will get to know all of the teachers and the other kids!

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