They Love the Quiet Boxes!

The children in our PreK classrooms are really enjoying our quiet boxes! Every day the children get to choose one box to work on during rest time if they do not nap or take a short nap. We created between 10-12 different boxes to insure the kids don't get bored!

Some of our boxes include:

* Sponge Blocks (typical kitchen sponges cut up into squares and rectangles for building)

* Mr. Potato Head

* Play-doh with a play mat and lots of different play-doh tools

* Crayola coloring book for both boys and girls with many different colored crayons

* Animals (different types of animals from the zoo, safari, ocean, desert etc.. with trees and fences)

* Legos with a flat lego building station and we added wheels and gears

* Alphabet matching puzzles

* Number matching puzzles

* Flower Garden building

* Felt sheets with shapes, letters and numbers

Yesterday while I was in there for the last half of nap a few children woke up so I handed some of the boxes out! They did an excellent job! The Sponge Blocks were used to make all the letters of the alphabet and numbers up to 10, then to build a stable for horses! The Play-doh box was used to make flowers and bugs you'd see during the summer, the animals from the Animal box were sorted out... a family of lions, cheetahs, tigers, horses, elephants. There was a mom, dad and baby animal and that was so exciting! The coloring box..... wow this was so cool. The coloring pages are filled with drawings so the children have to color the entire page from top to bottom. One little girl colored the front and back and it was the most beautiful piece of art! The Lego box was used to build 3 trucks. One truck was all blue, one truck was very big and the other truck was SILLY with only 3 wheels!

Parents- look for more pictures in Tadpoles!

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