How to survive this two week break....

This will go down in our children's history books (or iPads, or online documentation) as one of the scariest times in their young lives. However, it is our job to make this less scary for them (even though we may be panicking a little on the inside). Arbor's teachers and I have done a ton of research this weekend finding all of the best websites, lesson plans and sources to utilize. All of these will also help ease your mind thinking about what in the world you are going to do with an infant or preschooler!

Online websites for learning:

List of 25 different online learning sites for free


ABC Mouse

Young Infants-Two years old

I have attached a fun infant sign language chart that we use in the infant and transition room!

I will be updating a few times a week with new lessons and information that could be very useful during the next two weeks. Check back for more! Stay safe, healthy and don't forget to wash even infant hands!

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