It's been a while!!

We are still here and thriving! 2021 came with some ups and more ups! Our enrollment went up, we added more new amazing teachers, new and existing had healthy babies who now attend Arbor and we are still managing Covid the best way we know how! We have added an amazing new cleaning team that come bi-weekly and kill all germs including covid by spraying a disinfectant on all surfaces and spray a sanitizing fog into our air duct system. We purchased new air scrubbers for all classrooms and have been doing the best we can with stopping Covid in its tracks!

For 2022 we will be working on two new playgrounds, adding two new Pre School and PreK classroom and more excellent staff! All of our employees have been CPR certified and all trainings are up to date! We will be adding a few new trainings: SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Our lesson plans are becoming more creative by the day and each and every child is benefitting from being in a social setting on a daily basis. Our lunch program has been a huge success and the children are trying new foods every week.

Happy Feet and Dance class are both back! Don't forget to sign up when you enroll!

We are hoping to add a lot of new books and materials for all classrooms just as a nice refreshing update. We are updating our main foyer with a new coat of paint and getting rid of the carpet by replacing it with a durable vinyl flooring. Most classrooms are getting fresh coats of paint (teachers color choice of course) and our tree house will be updated with new materials, paint and maybe even murals on the walls! The staff have a new staff lounge where they can utilize computers for lesson planning time, online school and trainings and even just for resting on their breaks!

In the spring of 2022, we are hoping Covid slows down a bit so we can allow parents back into the school to see all of the new and hard work we have been working on in the past year.

We will be holding a rather LARGE PreK graduation with almost two and a half classes graduating!! This will be so much fun!

We want to bring back our Mother's Day tea and dogs for dad's hoping to utilize our new playgrounds for the summer celebrations!

Stay tuned for other wonderful plans we have coming for 2022!!

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