So Fresh and So Clean

Welcome back! Arbor and the employees are getting back into the 'normal' daily swing of things. All of our new staff is absolutely incredible! Not only are they amazing teachers, but they care about their classrooms as if they were their own homes! One thing I have always encouraged the staff do is change and paint their classroom to best suit their needs. No one likes working in an area where they dislike the colors and atmosphere. All of our staff have taken classes in college, CDA or even high school where they were taught the importance of wall color and set up of their furniture within the classroom. In just the few short weeks we have reopened we have had four teachers change the color of three of their classrooms. Please enjoy the picture below!

Our Cherry Blossoms room was a dark teal and grape purple. Miss Cole wanted the color to match the name of the classroom. She, her husband and her daughter spent an entire weekend priming and painting to create the perfect cherry blossom color for her preschool classroom! Her class LOVES it and the parents are completely in awe of the beautiful color change!

Cherry Blossoms/Preschool


Next up is our Frasers classrooms. These are our two year old's. Miss Lexxi and Miss Kalina are our fabulous teachers in this classroom. They are both Disney fans and wanted to keep the theme. A previous teacher had painted Lilo and Stitch on their wall and they wanted to keep the mural and play off of the colors used. This is our largest classroom and was a beautiful light lavender. However, over the past few years the lavender got a little dull. Check out their incredible color scheme they chose! They also had a fun time singing and dancing while painting!

Frasers/Two Year Old Room


Our infant room needed a major reno. The cribs and stationary furniture still look brand new, but the bright yellow and bouncy seats were just a little outdated. We decided to replace all of the high chairs, floor mats, gliders, got rid of our tall high chairs and replaced with ones that sat closer to the floor so our teachers could sit at the children's level. Miss Morgan and her mom came in and changed the room completely! It looks like a whole different school and reminds me of something we would see on Pinterest. Our goal was to make the infant room look more like a baby's room/nursery that you would find in a new parents home, not some sterile, common infant classroom. I must say, the completely succeeded!!!! We are totally obsessed with this change!

Willows/6 weeks-14 months


I am planning on painting our front vestibule the dark green that was used in the Frasers classrooms and the blue in the downstairs vestibule. The next room to be painted is the transition classroom. If you have any inputs on what color we should use would be greatly appreciated! That is our only classroom without any windows that do not look outside. However, we do have two massive windows that look into the tree house that has a ton of natural light.

Keep checking back for all of the new paint and renovations we are doing!

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