We did it!

Well, we did it! We survived 5 months of quarantine AND our first three weeks open! I have to thank all of our incredible teachers, parents and my new co-director Miss Maggie for the transition back into the new normal. We went from an enrollment of 15 to now up to 40 in just THREE weeks!

All of the new teachers are simply amazing. I really couldn't have asked for better staff!

The handwashing/ sanitizing station is a huge hit with all families and kids. In the morning during drop off all of the kids, even our younger crew love coming through the front doors to stop and wash their hands, take their temps and head off to play with their friends. We were just slightly worried about how their transitions back to school after five months home would be - but every single child (and parent ;) ) were delighted to see all of their friends and teachers!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped make this transition so smooth and exciting!

I have added some lesson plans from some of our older classrooms along with pictures. I will continue to update the blog every few weeks.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Miss Lauren

Miss Maggie

Miss Kalina

Miss Lynn

Miss Cole

Miss Leah

Miss Chelsea

Miss Lexi

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