just barely, but we did! I know some of us may have lost dear loved ones, some of us got sick, and some of us made it just fine! The staff and I are sending you all of our strength and love during this time.

We did lose a lot of our dear families, but that was to be expected. Now that we have been open since August 24th, 2020 we have had a lot of time to perfect all of the CDC rules and regulations.

We are currently sitting at around 40-50% capacity and are looking to hit our goal of 80% my April! Can you help? I have copied and pasted a lot of all of the lessons we have been busy learning along with the most import factor- SOCIALIZATION!! Please refer to the enrollment tab to schedule a tour. We are

allowing in person tours in our facility however yours may not enter classrooms, wear masks, wash hands and socially distance.

We cannot wait to see some new and old faces return within the next couple of months! We miss everyone dearly ! If you would like to check out the lesson plans please feel free to ask and I will upload them!

Thank you for being a part of the Arbor Family! we love you all!

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