We made it a whole week!!

That wasn't terrible! The teachers did an amazing job with their creative lesson plans and the parents were quite pleased with them!

As many of you heard by now, we have extended our closure until 4/14/2020. This is due to increasing numbers in the Chester County Area, and the overall numbers in the United States. If by chance we get the all okay to open up earlier than 4/14 we will let everyone know. Miss Laura and I have been diligently deep cleaning the school and all of the bathrooms and common areas. You might not even recognize the place when you come back!

Billing- we will NOT be billing the extended closure. We understand how difficult it is being out of work with minimal or no pay. We are all in this together. After we reopen and you decide to continue to quarantine, you will NOT be billed for that either and you will still have a spot at the school. If you have decided to unenroll, please let us know ASAP.

Attached in the gallery below are the lesson plans for both PreK classes this week. If anyone has any ideas on what topics you would like to see the lesson plans, please let us know! We will be more than happy to create something for personal use!

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