The Frasers

The Frasers Classroom is our older Two's.  The children entering the room start potty training! Miss Chelsea is a pro when it comes to potty training your child.  Their communication with the parents is outstanding!  We take the worry and stress off of you at home and make sure it is an easy process!   If you stop by any classroom, make sure it is this one!  This is one of our largest classrooms with a capacity of 18.  However, we will not be enrolling any more than 12 in this classroom.  Miss Chelsea is in charge of making the room look her own- painting, decorations, rugs, learning materials, etc.  You are going to LOVE it! 

We have many parents with younger children who have told us on numerous occasions what they cannot wait for their child to transition into what sounds like the most fun room of them all! 

We utilize the Tadpoles App in every classroom- but this is one classroom that never disappoints! Let's hope your phone can keep up with all of the photos and videos!